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Opioids May Carry Unique Risks for Patients on Hemodialysis
Press release and free, full-text, CJASN Express articles from the American Society of Nephrology:
Bill Restricting Third-Party Premium Payment for Patients with ESRD Wins California Senate Committee Approval
Article from Healio.
  April 19, 2018
International Committee of the Red Cross Warns of Collapse of Dialysis Treatment in Yemen
Article from Middle East Monitor.
Save Your Vein
2-minute video from Kidney Care UK.
24-Hour Ambulatory BP Measurements Strongly Predict Mortality
Articles from Internal Medicine News, MedPage Today, and HealthDay. Abstract from The New England Journal of Medicine.
Transplanted Livers Help Body Defend against (Kidney) Organ Rejection
Press release from the Mayo Clinic.
A 'Breakthrough in Organ Preservation': Study Shows Keeping Livers Warm Helps Preserve Them for Transplant
Article from STAT.
Early Results of Percutaneous Arteriovenous Fistula Creation with the Ellipsys Vascular Access System
Free, Open Access, Article in Press from Journal of Vascular Surgery.
Advance Articles Abstracts from NDT:
Declining Comorbidity-Adjusted Mortality Rates in English Patients Receiving Maintenance Renal Replacement Therapy
Free, Open Access article from Kidney International.
Acute Kidney Injury and Subsequent Frailty Status in Survivors of Critical Illness: A Secondary Analysis
Abstract from Critical Care Medicine.
Articles from HealthDay:

Sentinel Event Alert on Physical and Verbal Violence against Health Care Workers
(9-page PDF) Publication from The Joint Commission. Response from the American Nurses Association.

In A Puerto Rican Mountain Town, Hope Ebbs And Health Suffers
Article from Kaiser Health News.

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