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Advertising Opportunities
Congress Solved Kansas' Dialysis Clinic Delays. Will the Solution Be Good for Patients?
Article from The Kansas City Star. Related video and article from KSNT.
  Feb. 23, 2018
Survey: Roadmap for Innovative Alternatives to Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT)
Survey from the American Society of Nephrology's Kidney Health Initiative (KHI).
Analysis Finds Lower IQ in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease
Press release and CJASN Express abstract from the American Society of Nephrology. Press release from University of Sydney.
Responsive Designed Interventions Are Needed to Support Positive Outcomes of Children and Adolescents with CKD
Free, full-text, Patient Voice CJASN Express article.
New Kidney Transplant Program Caters to Hispanic Patients
Video and article from NBC 5 DFW.
Union Launches Ballot Campaign on Dialysis Profits in Ohio
Article From Nephrology News & Issues.
Interventions to Prevent Hemodynamic Instability during Renal Replacement Therapy in Critically Ill Patients: a Systematic Review
Free, Open Access article from BMC Critical Care.
Pain Management in Home Dialysis
Posting from the KidneyViews blog.
Free, Full-Text Articles from American Journal of Transplantation:
Report of the Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology–Hemodialysis (SONG-HD) Consensus Workshop on Establishing a Core Outcome Measure for Hemodialysis Vascular Access
Article in Press abstract from American Journal of Kidney Diseases.
Cluster-Randomized Trial of Devices to Prevent Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection
JASN Express abstract.
Acute Renal Failure Following Near-Drowning
Article in Press abstract and full-text article (25-page PDF) from Kidney International Reports.
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and the Kidney: Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Free, full-text, Issue-in-Progress editorial and related abstract from American Journal of Nephrology.
Issue-in-Progress abstracts from American Journal of Nephrology:
Immunosuppression in Pregnant Women with Renal Disease: Review of the Latest Evidence in the Biologics Era
First Online abstract from Journal of Nephrology.
Articles from the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report:
Where Palliative Care and Nephrology Meet—Complex Decisions in the Older CKD Patient
Session at the upcoming annual assembly (March 14-17) of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Related abstract from Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.
Transforming Patient Health Care and Well-Being through Lighting
Press release from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Perioperative Glucose Not A1c Predicts Death
Xanax, Valium Looking Like America's Next Drug Crisis
Article from HealthDay.
Report: Deaths from Synthetic Opioids Double in 2016
News brief from the American Hospital Association.
A Glimmer Of Hope In Midst Of Epidemic: Opioid Deaths Fall For First Time In Years For 14 States
News summary from Kaiser Health News.
Take Early Clinical Trials With a Grain of Salt
CROWNWeb Training Session on the CMS-2744 Annual Facility Survey
Scheduled for March 8, 2018.
Nursing Homes Booting Out Patients At Increasingly High Rates When Lucrative Medicare Coverage Ends
News summary from Kaiser Health News.

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