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Better Water, Inc. - The one call to make for water treatment & central delivery systems, portables, products & consumables. (10/6)
All you need are Edlaw's dialysate additives to adjust any dialysate bath to the desired milliequivaent (mEq+) level.
MIQS is the premier provider of medical record and financial software for dialysis and nephrology.
Integrated Biomedical Technology (IBT) offers innovative test strips for bleach, chlorine peroxide, peracetic acid, pH, water hardness, and glutaraldehyde.
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Bariatric Surgery Now an Option for Transplant Patients Trying to Get on the Waiting List
Press release from Houston Methodist.
  Oct. 21, 2014
bullet point CDC Tightens Rules on Caring for Ebola Patients
Articles from HealthDay and AP.
bullet point Tightened Guidance for U.S. Healthcare Workers on Personal Protective Equipment for Ebola
Fact sheet and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
bullet point Ebola and Dialysis: Lessons Learned
(Registration required, but free.) Article from MedPage Today.
bullet point Offer Ebola Victims Dialysis If They Need It
Article from Renal & Urology News.
bullet point The Potential Ebola Virus–Infected Patient in the Ambulatory Care Setting: Preparing for the Worst Without Compromising CareThe Potential Ebola Virus–Infected Patient in the Ambulatory Care Setting
Free, full-text, Online First article from Annals of Internal Medicine.
bullet point Some People Drinking Bleach in Mistaken Belief It Prevents Ebola Infection
1-page pdf on chlorine poisoning from the CDC.
bullet point Tennessee Dialysis Clinic Closed Due to Infection Control Lapses
Article from The Tennessean.
bullet point Amgen Studying What Impact Switching to 'Biosimilar' Aranesp Has on Patients
Article from BioPharma-Reporter.com.
bullet point Communication About Serious Illness Care Goals
Online First abstract from JAMA Intenal Medicine.

"An understanding of patients’ care goals in the context of a serious illness is an essential element of high-quality care, allowing clinicians to align the care provided with what is most important to the patient."
  New Standards for Patient-centered Cancer Care
Article from Hospitals & Health Networks.

Editor's note: It is so saddening that dialysis care is so far behind the rest of medicine in treating the whole patient. Nephrology still practices "plantation medicine."
bullet point Acute Renal Failure Following Treatment of a Common Culture Contaminant:  A Teachable Moment
Online First extract (select "View Large") from JAMA Internal Medicine.
bullet point Dialysis, Cognition, and Mortality
Posting from the eAJKD blog.
bullet point Articles from The Washington Post:
bullet point Capillary Rarefaction: an Early Marker of Microvascular Disease in Young Hemodialysis Patients
Advance Access abstract from Clinical Kidney Journal.
bullet point Association of Indoxyl Sulfate with Heart Failure among Patients on Hemodialysis
CJASN Express abstract.
bullet point Heparin and Albumin As Part of the Priming Solution Limits Exposure to Anticoagulation during Hemodialysis: In Vitro Studies
Article in Press abstract from the International Journal of Artificial Organs.
bullet point Body Mass Index and Mortality in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Issue in Progress abstract from American Journal of Nephrology.
bullet point The Consult Guys - Dressed to Kill? Can Neckties Spread Infection?
Video from Annals of Internal Medicine.
bullet point DANA Brain Health Testing App Cleared by FDA
bullet point What CDC Can Do To Fight Ebola
Article from Kaiser Health News. Related story on ebola and nurses' union contract talks.
bullet point Nurses Not Happy with Hospital EHRs
Article from Healthcare IT News.
bullet point Free, Full-Text Articles from Annals Of Internal Medicine:

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