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  Oct. 6, 2015
bullet point South Carolina Flooding Closes 9(?) Dialysis Units (according to The Nephron Information Center)
Editor's note: There is no "go to" source of updated and current information for dialysis patients or professionals during disasters. The Kidney Community Emergency Response (KCER) web site has no information. The ESRD Network for the Carolinas has no information.

Information hoarding during disasters is the exact opposite of what dialysis patients and their families need. Unfortunately, information and patient hoarding does allow large dialysis providers to control patients, especially those without private health insurance. Why do patient groups accept this?

KCER does minimal work, its mistakes and bad policies are hidden from the public, and only positive publicity about KCER and corporations appears later.
bullet point An Update on Peritoneal Dialysis
Posting from the AJKD blog.
bullet point The Relationship between Symptoms and Blood Pressure during Maintenance Hemodialysis
Free, full-text article from Hemodialysis International.
bullet point Free, Full-Text, Articles in Press from American Journal of Kidney Disease:
bullet point Ambulatory Care after Acute Kidney Injury: an Opportunity to Improve Patient Outcomes
Free, full-text Open Access article from Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease.
bullet point Long-Term Hemodialysis Therapy in Neonates and Infants with End-Stage Renal Disease: a 16 Year Experience and Outcome
Online First abstract from Pediatric Nephrology.
bullet point Effects of Citrate Dialysate in Chronic Dialysis: a Multicenter Randomized Crossover Study
Advance Access abstract from NDT.
bullet point Trends in Anemia Management in Hemodialysis Patients with Cancer
Issue-in-Progress abstract from American Journal of Nephrology.
bullet point Transplanting Kidneys From Deceased Donors With Severe Acute Kidney Injury
(Registration required, but free.) Free, full-text article from American Journal of Transplantation via Medscape Nephrology.
bullet point Changes in Hydration Following Hemodialysis Estimated with Bioimpedance Spectroscopy
Accepted Article abstract from Nephrology.
bullet point Diabetic Nephropathy: What Does the Future Hold?
Free, full-text, Online First article from International Urology and Nephrology.
bullet point Nutritional Needs for Skeletal Health Change As You Age, Says New Scientific Review
Press release from the International Osteoporosis Foundation.
bullet point CDC, FDA Update Device Reprocessing Recommendations for Health Care Facilities
News brief from AHANewsNow. CDC Health Update.
bullet point Arthur P. Pasquarella Named Chairman of National Kidney Foundation
bullet point New Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbug' an Emerging Threat, CDC Says
Article from HealthDay. Press release from the JAMA Network Journals.
bullet point California Gov. Brown Signs Aid-in-Dying Bill Into Law
Article from KQED and Kaiser Health News.
bullet point Chronically Ill Pay More in Obamacare Plans Than Employer Coverage
Article from Kaiser Health News.
bullet point UK End-of-Life Care 'Best in World'
bullet point Artificial Scents Have No Place in Hospitals
When Care Turns Costly, Patients Leave Private Medicare
Press release from Brown University.

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