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 Sept. 18, 2019
HDU Comments to CMS Medicare Program; Specialty Care Models To Improve Quality of Care and Reduce Expenditures and Executive Order on Advancing American Kidney Health.
Link to letter (11-page pdf) from Home Dialyzors United.

There are 99 comments (mostly concerning radiation services) to this Federal Register notice.
California Cracks Down on Dialysis Profiteering
Article from The American Prospect.
How to Successfully Train a Modern Nephrologist: Experience from US Fellowship Training Practice
Free, full-text, Online First review article from Kidney Diseases.
Published Ahead-of-Print Abstracts from Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension:
What Happens to the Live Donor in the Years Following Donation?
(Registration required, but free.) Free, full-text article from NDT via Medscape Nephrology.
Monitoring Transcellular Fluid Shifts during Episodes of Intradialytic Hypotension Using Bioimpedance Spectroscopy
Free, full-text, Advance Article from Clinical Kidney Journal.
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Dosing in Critically Ill Patients: A Quality Improvement Initiative
Article in Press abstract from American Journal of Kidney Diseases.
An Immediate Access Dialysis Graft Designed to Prevent Needle-Related Complications: Results from the Initial Preclinical Studies
OnlineFirst abstract from the Journal of Vascular Access.
Press Releases from Diabetologia:
US Nephrologists Beginning to Trial AstraZeneca's LOKELMA (zirconium sodium cyclosilicate) but Unclear on Differentiation from Vifor/Relypsa's VELTASSA (patiromer FOS)
Press release from Spherix Global Insights.
Electric Pill Bottles and Text Messaging Not Enough to Affect Blood Pressure Control
Press release from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
Obesity Stigma And Yo-Yo Dieting, Not BMI, Are Behind Chronic Health Conditions, Dietitian Claims
Article from Kaiser Health News.
Tennessee Seeks to Become First State to Turn Medicaid into a Block Grant
Article from The Hill.

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