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 July 16, 2019
Giant Algae Bloom Returns to Lake Erie, Threatens Drinking Water (and Hemodialysis Patients)
Article from WXYZ.com. Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) web page from the National Weather Service. See this Public Record Report from the EPA on risks for hemodialysis patients.
Summary of Presidential Executive Order on Kidney Disease and Proposed Kidney Care Payment Models
Link to document (9-page pdf) from the Renal Physicians Association.
Launch of the Advancing American Kidney Health Initiative
Posting from the NKF Advocacy in Action blog.
Postings and Comments from the Dialysis Discussion Uncensored Facebook Page:
Subtleties of Language That We Use with Patients Make a Huge Difference
Tweet from Dhruv Khullar.
Peritoneal Dialysis Utilization: How Can We Increase Access?
Posting from the AJKD blog.
Vanderbilt Doctor Creates Artificial Kidney
Video and article from WSMW (Nashville).
Dialysate Flow: Is the Less the Better?
Free, full-text, Online First Letter to the Editor from Blood Purification.
Social Support and Treatment Adherence in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease: a Systematic Review
Early View abstract from Seminars in Dialysis.
Association of Functional and Structural Social Support with Chronic Kidney Disease among African Americans: the Jackson Heart Study
Free, Open Access article from BMC Nephrology.
Free, Full-Text Articles from Hemodialysis International:
Free, Full-Text, Articles in Press from American Journal of Kidney Diseases:
Long-Term Outcomes after Acute Rejection in Kidney Transplant Recipients: An ANZDATA Analysis
Published Ahead of Print JASN abstract.
Transplantation of Kidneys From Hepatitis C Infected Donors To Hepatitis C Negative Recipients: Single Center Experience
Accepted Article abstract from American Journal of Transplantation.
Hemodialysis Quality Metrics in the First Year Following a Failed Kidney Transplant
Online First abstract from American Journal of Nephrology.

Online First Abstracts from Blood Purification:

A 24-week Anemia Correction Study of Daprodustat in Japanese Dialysis Patients
Accepted Article abstract from Therapeutic Apheresis and Dialysis.
Insulin Resistance and Hepatitis C Virus-Associated Subclinical Inflammation Are Hidden Causes of Pruritus in Egyptian Hemodialysis Patients: A Multicenter Prospective Observational Study
Online First abstract from Nephron.
Evidence Favors NOACs for Anticoagulation in Early Chronic Kidney Disease
News brief from NEJM Journal Watch. Latest Article abstract and editorial extract from Annals of Internal Medicine. Article from Medscape Nephrology (registration required).
Annals On Call - Chronic Kidney Disease for the Internist
Podcast from the Annals of Internal Medicine.
Download the Second Edition of the ISN Global Kidney Policy Forum Publication
Publication available from the International Society of Nephrology.
An Important First Step toward Eliminating the Transplant Waitlist
Opinion piece from Healthcare DIVE.
Better Water
Babies As Young As 3 Months Old Are Being Held In U.S. Custody Without Any Parents At The Facilities
News summary from Kaiser Health News.
Promoting Trust Between Patients and Physicians in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
Free, full-text, New Online viewpoint article from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Medicare Advantage Overbills Taxpayers By Billions A Year As Feds Struggle To Stop It
Article from Kaiser Health News.

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