What is RenalWEB ?

RenalWEB is a neutral, nonaffiliated web site for the dialysis industry and community. With hundreds of web sites containing dialysis product information, RenalWEB has function as a "daily newspaper" for useful information, new products, services, and educational resources since 1999. Instead of searching through hundreds of web sites looking for new information, RenalWEB can be accessed to find links and information about news, products, and services in the dialysis industry.

The Dialysis Yellow Pages, Daily Highlights, and Product Showcase were added to provide new resources for the dialysis community.

RenalWEB is an independent company. The editor of RenalWEB is Gary Peterson, who has worked in the dialysis field since 1975. A short bio:

Gary can be reached at:

E-mail: garypete@comcast.net or renalweb e-mail

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