Daily Highlights Archive

Daily Highlights Archive

Don’t trip on acid! No more spilling, sliding or slick dangerous floors Mr. Acid!

AmeriWater’s redesigned wall boxes are compliant with Illinois state plumbing code. The compartmentalized design separates clean and waste connections.

Myron L’s D-6 offers professional, comprehensive water and dialysate quality analysis in the palm of your hand.

Integrated Biomedical Technology (IBT) offers innovative test strips for bleach, chlorine peroxide, peracetic acid, pH, water hardness, and glutaraldehyde.

Fresenius Medical Care’s AquaBplus RO System — simplifying tasks and lightening workloads.

Ascend Clinical – Providing accurate, reliable and efficient renal laboratory testing, and much more.

Renal Care 360 – Partnering with health systems, physician groups, and payors to provide fully integrated kidney disease solutions.

ELISIO Dialyzer from Nipro – Superior Clearances for better patient outcomes.

RPC’s unique test strip Certi-Chek™ program saves you time and money – from the leading test strip vendor for dialys

Better Water, Inc. – The one call to make for water treatment & central delivery systems, portables, products & consumables.